Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Discover New Music With The Music Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage! It is no surprise, receiving a subscription box is a little like receiving a gift. The Music Box is a fun subscription box that introduces you to new music every month!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary bundle from The Music Box including a compilation CD and a box.

An example of contents from a monthly Music Box

My Experience With The Music Box:

I was impressed with the content in my Music Box. Each box apparently contains at least 2-4 music CDs and other goodies. That was very much my experience. I was surprised at the quantity and the quality of the music CDs.  My box contained hours of listening pleasure and I liked all of it.  It turns out that every Music Box is packed according to subscriber preferences and it is rare for two boxes to be the same!

The Music Box is also reasonably priced. They offer three options:
  • The Box: $10 per month, contains 2-4 CD's & other goodies.
  • The Envelope: $5 per month, is a compilation CD with 15-20 songs. Featuring genres such as Pop-Punk, Pop-Rock, Indie, Alternative, etc.
  • The Bundle: $13 per month, contains one music box and one envelope. 
 I highly recommend The Music Box for any music lover who likes to discover new music.

Interview with Ashley From The Music Box

 Q: How did the idea come about to offer a music subscription box like this?
A: My husband and I met at a music college (Full Sail University) about 5 years ago, so we've both always had a passion for music. We really wanted to find a way to promote up and coming artists and at the same time give music lovers an opportunity to discover them! One day I was opening my BirchBox and it hit me... THE MUSIC BOX!

Q: How do you choose the music on the compilation CD?
A: Choosing the music for the compilation CD actually takes a lot more time than one would think. You can't just throw all the songs on the CD and call it good. Kory (co-owner & husband) listens to every song and with his magical ears he is able to put the songs in order, in a way that the music just flows.

Q: Where do you find the bands that you feature?

A: Most of the artists we feature either submit their music to be featured or we recruit from social media like Twitter and Reverbnation.
Editors note: There is an artist contact form on The Music Box website -- here.
Q: How do you choose the items in the subscription box?

A: Almost every single Music Box is different. We never "pre-make" boxes, every box is "made-to-order". This process does take a long time but we try very hard to give each subscriber what they ask for. So, if they want Pop Rock music, we add at least 2 Pop Rock CD's. And then from there we add the extra goodies like stickers, wristbands, T-Shirts, autographs, download cards, etc.

Another example of the types of goodies from a monthly Music Box

For More Information or to Subscribe to The Music Box:

For more information, visit The Music Box website or The Music Box subscription sign up.